Wanda Hertzog-Grant


Wanda grew up in northern Lancaster County. She occupied her younger years with hand embroidery and related crafts. She learned how to sew clothing from her grandmother, a skill which then occupied her summer free time.

Sewing took a back seat to her career until her mother needed quilt tops to hand quilt for charity fundraisers. Numerous quilt tops led to a new sewing machine, her first Bernina. In 2014, Wanda expanded her interests to include machine embroidery. Now she enjoys sewing and embroidering items for family, especially her grandchildren. Being three at Christmas means you receive a handmade backpack, which they enjoy.

Wanda enjoyed and benefitted from classes offered and thought about the possibility of sharing her interest with those new to and those experienced with machine embroidery. Realizing we all have something to either learn or share makes the class experience rewarding.

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