Edge-to-Edge Quilting Services

Trust us with finishing your quilts!

The Old Country Store offers long-arm, edge-to-edge quilting services. Chose the quilting design to compliment your quilt top, and we’ll professionally machine quilt it for you!

What is edge-to- edge (E2E) quilting?

Edge-to- edge designs use one color of thread and run continuously, from one edge to the other, over the entire body of the quilt, regardless of blocks, seams, or piecing designs. The designs are digital patterns which are computer guided and can be sized to achieve the desired level of quilting density and scale.

Edge-to-edge quilting offers beautiful all-over quilting, wonderful texture on the surface of the quilt, and is available in numerous designs, including vines, flowers, feathers, and geometric shapes.

Tell me more! What does it cost?

Our BERNINA long-arm quilting machine can accommodate quilt tops ranging in size up to 120” maximum width, with no restrictions on length. Edge-to- Edge quilting prices are based on square inches of $.02 to $.03 per square inch, depending on the density of the stitched design. To determine the square inches of your quilt top, multiply the length x width. (For example, if your quilt top is 90” x 100”, the total square inches is 9000 inches x $.02 = $180.) There is a minimum charge of $75.00.

Thread is included in the per inch calculation, so the only additional cost is the batting. We offer both 100% cotton and 80 cotton/20 polyester batting and will give you opportunity to make your selection at your consultation.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

Complete the Request Form or call 717/768-7101 ext. 231 (leave a message), and we will contact you to review your preferences on E2E quilting designs, thread color, etc. and to confirm that your quilt top is ready for quilting. You may request an in-person consultation at The Old Country Store on the second floor where our long-arm quilting services are performed, or we can handle a consultation by phone, if you plan to ship your quilt top to us.

How soon will I get my quilt back?

Your quilter can give you a reliable estimation during your consultation, but in general we hope to complete your quilt within 2-4 weeks of receipt.

What about the backing selection?

You will supply the quilt backing, whether chosen from the Store offerings at your consultation or provided from your stash or another source. Quilt backing is not included in the cost of E2E quilting services. The quilt backing must measure 4” wider than the quilt top on all four sides. If the backing is pieced, the seams must be pressed, run horizontally and approved by the quilter at the consultation.

Who applies the binding?

If you opt to have us bind your quilt, we will trim the edges after completion of the E2E quilting. Our binding services are “machine/hand” binding. This means we will cut and prepare the binding fabric you provide*, machine sew it onto the front of the quilt, and then hand-stitch it to the back of the quilt, mitering corners and creating a beautiful finished look.

If you opt to complete the binding yourself, you will receive your finished quilt with raw edges intact, ready for you to trim and apply binding.

Our machine/hand binding services cost $0.20 per linear inch.

*To calculate the yardage needed for binding, take the linear length or circumference of the quilt (the length of all four sides added together) + 12” (for joining start/finish tails) ÷ 42” (fabric width) x 2.5” (width of binding strips) = inches of fabric yardage required.

How shall I prepare my quilt top?

Trim and remove all basting seams, points, and excess threads. Press all seams flat, taking care to make sure the top lies flat and all seams are sewn securely. Square up the quilt top by checking that the top and bottom and the sides are parallel to each other and the corners are 90° angles. Indicate which side is the quilt TOP by attaching a large safety pin to this side.

What size backing is needed?

The backing fabric should measure a minimum of 4” and a maximum of 6” wider than the top on all four sides. If your quilt backing requires piecing to reach the required size, be sure to cut off selvages before joining the pieces, and sew with a ½” wide seam allowance. Press all seams open, and iron the pieced backing to remove all wrinkles. Indicate which side is the backing TOP by attaching a large safety pin to this side.

How can I get my quilt in your schedule?

Kindly use our Request Form to provide us with the basic information on your project to be quilted. We will then call or email you to set up a consultation appointment with the long-arm machinist who will go over quilt designs, batting and thread options, pricing, and schedule.

“I recently had a quilt machine-quilted at Old Country Store Fabrics. I was nervous since this was the first time I trusted one of my quilts to someone else to quilt. Carol was knowledgeable and obviously loves quilts and quilting. After our consultation, I felt comfortable putting the quilt in her capable hands and she did not disappoint! The finished quilt exceeded my expectations and I will not hesitate to take others in for quilting.”

Libby Kupp