Janet Starner


Janet experienced the joy of “making” at an early age, learning to embroider and knit from her grandmother and mother. But her first lessons in sewing on a machine occurred in a Junior High Home Ec course, and her first quilting lessons happened in the 1970’s.

When she retired from university teaching in 2015, Janet jumped back into sewing and quilting with enthusiasm, taking lots of classes and learning from other quilters—people whom she believes are among the kindest on the planet. She established a Quilts of Valor Chapter in 2014 and bought a longarm quilting machine in 2017, becoming proficient first in free motion quilting and then adding computer-aided design a little over a year ago.

More recently, Janet has begun to play with improvisational design and is working toward finding her own creative voice using textiles. She loves to talk about quilting with anyone who will listen, and she particularly enjoys helping others experience the joy of creation with fabric.

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