Tucker University Phase 4: 1-1001 Large Square Squared

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Have you ever wanted to take a class to learn a new technique that you can use on ANY pattern? Do you have some of Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design tools at home still in the package and are not sure how to use them? Do you avoid certain patterns because there is a square in a square unit or a snail’s trail block in it? Would you like to take a quilting class that does not leave you with another UFO? Then you need to consider joining Tucker University!

Large Square Squared - More squares inside of squares inside of squares. The Large Square Squared is a perfect format to feature any fussy cuts or embroidery pieces. But it doesn’t stop there! Have you ever seen a quilt
with a snail’s trail block and thought it was too difficult? Then you will fall in love with the Large Square Squared, which simplifies this complex block.


Jackie Mowday

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