Tucker University Phase 3: Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star Advanced Series

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Are you hooked on the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star tool? Now that you have mastered the basic construction of the LeMoyne
Star come learn what else you can do with your Rapid LeMoyne Star tool! In this 3 month series of Tucker University each class will cover 2 of the technique sheets. Prerequisite for this series is knowledge of the basic LeMoyne Star construction.

January: 1-701 Rapid LeMoyne Star Advanced 1 - Strip Pieced and Liberty LeMoyne Star
Are you hooked on the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star tool? Now that you have mastered the basic construction, you can make fancy LeMoynes with 2 more options: Strip Pieced Lemoyne and Liberty LeMoyne.

February: 1-801 Rapid LeMoyne Star Advanced 2 - Banded LeMoyne and Fussy Cut LeMoyne Star
Ever wonder how to use the wider end of your Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star tool? The secret is now revealed of course! Impress your toughest critic with what looks like very demanding piecing, but trick them with the simplicity of Banded Lemoyne Star and the Fussy Cut LeMoyne Star.

March: 1-901 Rapid LeMoyne Star Advanced 3 - LeMoynes as Triangles and Blazing LeMoyne Star
And the fun continues! What else can we do with our LeMoyne Star tool? Why not try LeMoynes as Triangles for a great border or a Blazing LeMoyne Star for the center of your quilt.

Phase Three of Tucker University is a three-month commitment. The $125 registration fee covers all three sessions, and includes instruction from a Studio 180 Certified Instructor, offers cutting charts, color planning aids, and a Blackline Master with 20-30 additional block options.)

To sign up for this third phase of Tucker University, choose the session that best fits your schedule below. Tuesday mornings, Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday evenings are offered- make your choice by signing up for what is shown as the January dates and times, and plan to come at that time for the following two sessions as well. A required supply list (fabric, notions, and featured Studio 180 tool) will be sent monthly.
Lesson Outline:
Session 1-701- Strip pieced and Liberty LeMoyne Star: Tuesday, January 14 and Thursday, January 16
Session 1-801- Banded leMoyne and Fussy Cut LeMoyne Star: Tuesday, February 18 and Thursday, February 20
Session 1-901 LeMoynes as Triangles and Blazing LeMoyne Star: Tuesday, March 3 and Thursday, March 5


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  • 6 sold / 12 total Tue January 14, 2020: 9:00am - 12:00pm

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  • 4 sold / 12 total Thu January 16, 2020: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

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