Tucker University 1-701: Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star and Liberty Lemoyne Star

Past Class

Are you hooked on the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star tool? Now that you have mastered the basic construction, you can make fancy LeMoynes with 2 more options: Strip Pieced Lemoyne and Liberty LeMoyne.

Prerequisite: To help ensure your success in this course, it will be important for you to be familiar with the basic construction of the Rapid Lemoyne Star. If you have not made a Lemoyne Star using the Rapid Fire tool in a while, you may want to practice your skills prior to class. You can review the technique on studio180design.net under the ribbon for videos and type in Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star.

The fee includes instruction from a Studio 180 Certified Instructor, offers cutting charts, technique sheets, color planning aids, and a Blackline Master with 20-30 additional block options.


Jackie Mowday

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