Tucker University 1-201: V-Block, Sidekicks, and High/Lows

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If you see stars in your future then you have just found your new best friend, the V-Block Trimmer. After you learn to use this ruler, you'll never go back to those plastic templates you have been tracing and slicing.

Helping you reach the stars is not the only thing the V-Block Trimmer can do to improve your piecing techniques. Connect a V-Block with a half square triangle and watch the curves develop. Push the use of your trimmer a bit further by learning how to create Sidekicks and High/Low units. Your quilting friends will be amazed, thinking you made a difficult unit, when in fact the use of the V-Block trimmer made it easy! The designs made possible with this tool are limited only by your imagination!

Registration fee includes instruction from a Studio 180 Certified Instructor, a laminated Design Sheet (offers cutting charts, color planning aids, and a Blackline Master with 20-30 additional block options), and the Sidekick and High/Low Technique Sheet (retail value $7.99) from Studio 180. A required supply list will be sent with your registration confirmation.


Jackie Mowday

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