Sewing for Kids: Make a Tech Tote

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Make a Tech Tote for your iPad, electronic reader or electronic game console. Just what you need for a road trip or overnight at a friend’s house. The back zipper pocket takes care of your other essentials. You will learn how to sew a zipper, a handle and make a unique closure.

Choose two fun colorful print fabrics for your Tech Tote and coordinate with a contrasting zipper. Fusible fleece adds protective padding on all sides. The finished size is 9” x 11 ½”.

"Sewing for Kids: Learn to Sew" (or other sewing experience) is a prerequisite for this class.

This class will be held in Classroom 2.


Kandra Miller

  • 0 sold / 4 total Sat October 29, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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