September Feet First: Clear Embroidery Foot and Circular Embroidery Attachment

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Welcome to the Circle of Creativity! In our Open Toe Embroidery #20/20C/20D and Circular Embroidery Attachment #83 class, we're turning ordinary stitching into a whirlwind of fun and flair! Picture this: effortlessly stitching flawless circular designs of various sizes with the Circular Embroidery Attachment #83, where straight-line sewing techniques transform into mesmerizing circular wonders. And with the Open Toe Embroidery #20C foot, sewing on quilting before adding decorative threads becomes a breeze! Dive into techniques like sewing appliqué circles and stitching decorative patterns around them, and watch as your sewing projects transform into works of art before your eyes. So grab your threads, let's spin some magic, and embark on a sewing journey that's as delightful as it is creative!

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Beth Planer

  • Sold Out! Sat September 28, 9:00am - 12:00pm

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