Long-Arm Rental

Past Class

Upon completion of the Long-Arm Certification Class, and with instructor approval, you may rent time on one of our two BERNINA Q24 long-arm machines.

Rental is $20 an hour, and by registering for your first hour (non-refundable), you have reserved the remainder of the day. Payment for the balance of hours ($20 per hour) is due upon ending your time. (After the first two hours, your time will be pro-rated by the quarter-hour.)

Our having TWO machines allows us to offer TWO quilting start times. Choose accordingly:

-If your quilt is large, requiring most of the day for quilting, please register for the time period beginning at 9 a.m.
-If your quilt is smaller, requiring six hours or less for quilting, please register for the second time period beginning at 10:30 a.m.

This will give time for the rental monitor to help the first quilter get started on one long arm machine, and be ready to help the second quilter get started on the second machine.

Bring your completed quilt top and backing, squared and ready to quilt. You will select and purchase your batting from the options available at the Store. Thread is provided and included in the rental fee.

Certification instructor will be present during your rental time to monitor the long-arm machine.


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