Embroidered Key Fobs

Past Class

In this 6-hour beginner’s class on embroidered key fobs, students will learn how to upload up to four to five fonts/designs onto their domestic embroidery machines and embroider them onto their hoops in a single hooping. The primary objective is to equip both beginners and advanced students with crucial embroidery skills, encompassing tasks such as transferring letters from the machine’s font library, working with design density, resizing, relocating designs to preferred areas, and reformatting designs to suit individual preferences within the embroidery section.

While the instructor will provide guidance and examples, students will have the freedom to design their own key fobs, allowing for creative expression. The class will also cover important concepts like working with stabilizers and proper hooping techniques. Students can personalize their key fobs by adding initials, patterns, or colors, ensuring that each creation is unique and reflective of their interests. By the end of the lesson participants will have the practical skills to craft personalized and professionally embroidered key fobs.

This class will be held in Classroom 2.

The registration fee does not include the cost of supplies. Click on the link below to view the supply list for this class.

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