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In our upcoming embroidery class focused on crafting Christmas trivets, students will embark on a creative journey, mastering essential embroidery skills. Participants will gain proficiency in the art of hooping, machine operation, and working with stabilizers, laying the foundation for their embroidery prowess. They’ll also receive an introduction to the powerful Bernina 9 software, a key tool for creating our featured Christmas-themed trivets. (For this class, having the Software 9 package is not a requirement.)

Students will have the delightful choice of fashioning a charming snowman, jolly Santa Claus, or elegant poinsettia design, and for these feeling extra festive, crafting an entire set of four trivets using a single chosen pattern. By the end of the class, students will be equipped to bring their imaginative trivet designs to life, employing the ‘in-the-hoop’ embroidery technique. Along the way, they’ll discover the magic of Insul-bright insulated lining and navigate the multi-step process involved in crafting their projects.

This class caters to a spectrum of experience levels, from beginners focusing on hooping and machine basics to more advanced learners delving into the intricacies of the Bernina software 9 package. While each trivet will feature unique fabric selections, the "in-the hoop" nature of the project ensures a cohesive and professional finish. As a bonus, students can relish the sustainable aspect of utilizing fabric scraps to craft trivets that are not only charming but also eco-friendly, promising repeated use of many winters to come.

The registration fee does not include the cost of supplies. Click on the link below to view the supply list for this class.

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