Clare Fullerton


Clare began sewing as a middle schooler. She started with simple clothing patterns using her mom’s Singer. In the mid-1980’s, she assisted her former Girl Scout Leader (Chris) with her very busy, at home, Bridal Gown business. She thought she could help Chris by doing handwork, and assist in the re-design of Clare’s mom’s wedding dress for her sister Cathy’s upcoming wedding. She never looked back. Several years of bridal/bridesmaid/Mother of gowns soon found Clare sewing her own gown in 1988.

Home ownership offered the challenge of drapery and home accessory sewing. Garment alterations were ever-present, and the machine never seemed to cool down.

Clare has always had some sort of needle in her hands. Most recently she closed her knitting shop to retire. COVID has precipitated a new garment sewing phase. She is inspired by color and texture. Simple designs are a canvas for creativity. The machine is again heating up, but these days compete with a long list of knitting and needlepoint projects.

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