Scrappy String Quilt Block

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Are you a quilter who just can't throw away fabric--even those long narrow "strings"? Do you save everything, from various lengths of left-over backing to pieces trimmed from previous projects to wide swaths of selvages printed with cute little sayings, thinking that maybe you will find a use for them... someday? This is someday, and this project is custom made for you!

In this class, we will use foundation paper as a base for putting those random scrappy strips to good use! Go super scrappy or organize your strips to create a specific color scheme. You can use strips anywhere from 1" wide to 3" wide to sew 8" square finished blocks. You'll leave class with blocks ready to make a quilt, table runner, wall hanging, pillows, or whatever you like. Amanda used 64 blocks in her quilt (8 across and 8 down) for a quilt measuring approximately 64" x 64".

Disclaimer-- This project is SO FUN, it may interfere with other projects... just saying!

This class will be taught by Amanda Cole and is appropriate for those with some sewing experience and the ability to finish and use the blocks made in class.


  • 0 sold / 12 total Wed October 9, 9:00am - 3:30pm

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