Quilt Photography 101

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You need to have good pictures of those beautiful quilts you’ve spent hours making.

There are always reasons to have pictures of your quilt.
• Sharing on social media
• Quilt show entry
• As a record of your progress in quilt making
• Using in a quilt journal

This course is designed to help you take successful photos of your quilts using only your smartphone. You will learn how to take photos of your entire quilt, a close-up of details, and ‘glamour shots’ of your quilt using natural light.

After you take the pictures, you will learn how to edit those pictures as well as make a collage of your favorites. And then you’ll be free to share them far and wide.

A list of required supplies will be sent with your registration confirmation email.


Ann Bertorelli

  • 0 sold / 5 total Thu October 27, 10:00am - 4:30pm

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