February/March BERNINA Academy 2: Accessory Set

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In this class we will be using the Circular Embroidery attachment in tandem with an array of decorate BERNINA Feet to create an accessory set. This set will include the Diva Frame Wallet, Journal/Planner Cover (bring your own journal), and Key Fob!

This is a great project for experimenting with different decorative feet and techniques. Use simple decorative stitches, give the double needles a whirl, couch on your favorite yarns or threads, create texture with the Tailor Tack Foot...the list goes on and on!

This is a two-part class. In February we will be creating all the decorative elements of our designs. In March we will assemble our projects.

Feet used:
#83 (Circular Embroidery)
#4 or #4D (Zipper)
#10 (Edgestitch)
Optional Feet: #1, #7, #11, #43 (these are just suggestions, you can use almost any foot!)

Note: You must have graduated from BERNINA Academy 1 in order to participate in this class.


Rachel Rossi

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