Braided Twist Table Runner

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The Braided Twist Table Runner is advertised all over the Internet. Unfortunately, some of the sites have stolen the pattern design and offer inferior instructions. Use the pattern book and template sold at The Old Country Store to make the genuine article!

The Braided Twist Table Runner pattern creates a dramatic one-of-a-kind table piece. Take this class to learn the technique and then experiment with all the options the pattern booklet offers. A sample is displayed in the store with the pattern. You will make a reversable, two-sided table runner.

Because the most complex aspect of the project is the cutting, cutting the fabric will be at the start of the class. You will learn to layout the pieces for maximum use of the fabric. A template is included with the pattern. The sewing, interfacing and twisting of the project are fun. You will go home with a completed two-sided table runner.

Students should be confident sewing and cutting.


  • 3 sold / 10 total Tue July 26, 9:30am - 3:30pm

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