BERNINA Q20 Sit-Down Long Arm Guide Class

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The Bernina Q20 longarm sit down machine is a quilting machine that can handle the demands of professional quilting yet is easy for all levels of quilters to use. In this guide class we will tour the features of the Q20 and apply the techniques in the classroom.

Learn to navigate the user interface and master general machine operations. Use all the three BERNINA Stitch Regulator modes and the KickStart function.

For those of you who purchased the Q20 sit down machine from Hinkletown Sewing, this (one time) guide class is free! Choose a date and enter coupon code SITDOWN20 (all capital letters, no spaces) to waive the $34 fee.


Carol Martin

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  • 0 sold / 3 total Fri April 24, 9:30am - 12:30pm

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